Bank’s critical warning to guests as all current accounts set to be closed

Guests who have current accounts have been transferred an critical warning by a bank as current accounts are set to be closed and Yorkshire guests are set to be affected too.

Intelligent Finance, a bank with thousands of guests is advising people of major changes to how it operates. The changes come into effect on August 1 this time.

Under the new changes, all current accounts will be closed. still, people with a savings regard or a mortgage with Intelligent Finance won’t be affected reports the Mirror.

Guests who have anon-ISA savings regard with Intelligent Finance will have their plutocrat moved over automatically. Those that only had a current account or a an ISA will admit their plutocrat in the form of a cheque via post.

The bank has formerly begun notifying its guests of the closures, and parent company Lloyds Banking Group verified that all guests affected will be given two months’ notice before their current account is shut down.

An Intelligent Finance prophet said “ Our Intelligent Finance current account has n’t been available since 2009 and we ’ve let being guests know we wo n’t be offering it presently. There is been lots of invention in the current account request over the once decade, with further choice than ever for day- to- day bank accounts, and we are reaching guests to let them know their options and coming way. ”

How to move your accounts when your current account gets closed?
Still, you have several options, If you only had a current account with Intelligent Finance and it has been closed. You can use the the free Current Account Switch Service( CASS) to move your account away.

Using the CASS will insure all your direct disbenefits, standing orders, and incoming payments are moved automatically and without hassle. With this system you do not have to do anything manually.

How to get plutocrat after switching accounts?
Switching accounts can have some benefits.

Several banks offer you plutocrat when you switch over to them. Up to£ 200 is available.