EXCLUSIVE Bank of England master at centre of row over’ poor’ commentary lives in flat possessed by parents

The Bank of England master who told people to just accept they’re poorer lives in a£1.5 million flat possessed by his parents.

Huw lozenge, 54, who earns£ 190,000 a time, sparked outrage when he said workers should stop asking for pay rises during the cost of living extremity.

But we can reveal he makes do in his mum and pater’s posh apartment in a private lane in Kensington – one of London’s most precious areas.

Mr Pill declined to say if he pays for his home – or if he rued telling a US podcast that Brits “ need to accept they ’re worse off ”.

Unite union leader Sharon Graham said “ You could n’t make it up. He spurts off to America to explain to a podcast followership that being worse off requirements to be accepted – while of course he is n’t. It’s absolutely jaw- dropping that bankers like Huw Pill should lecture about immolation for the common good. ”

Mr Pill, an Oxford educatedex-Goldman Sachs economist, is the Bank of England’s principal economist, responsible for analysis used for policy opinions.

His home is possessed by Sir Malcolm Pill, who was the Court of Appeal’s longest- serving judge, and Lady Roisin Pill, a sociology professor, according to the Land Registry. They bought it in 1989. Their son has been registered at the flat – near delegacy structures and Kensington Palace – since 2017.

Mr Pill was paid a£ 7,662 relocation allowance upon starting at the Bank in 2021. He was preliminarily a elderly speaker at prestigious Harvard Business School in the US.

Laurence Turner, of the GMB, added “ It looks like he’s not living in the real world. His commentary weren’t just outrageous and condescending, they ’re hypocritical too. ”