UOB kicks off madness inclusiveness programme, mates with NTUC LearningHub

UOB is first bank in Singapore to borrow a first- of- its- kind service inclusiveness training programme. The action caters to caregivers and guests living with madness, with all branch staff to be trained by November 2023.

The ‘ Inclusive client Experience – Making a Difference for Persons Living with madness ’ programme was conceptualised by UOB and NTUC LearningHub.

Likewise, the programme complements the madness-Friendly Singapore movement, driven by the AIC and Ministry of Health.

Training will round specialized knowledge branch staff formerly retain. Exemplifications include Lasting Powers of Attorney and estate accounts. The end is to insure a further flawless and comfortable experience for caregivers seeking backing at UOB branches.

A first in the Singapore request
The bank says it’s the first service inclusiveness training programme in Singapore to equip frontline banking workers with the chops on how to interact with persons living with madness, identify the requirements of caregivers, as well as use their knowledge of available coffers to support caregivers looking after their loved bones.

The training is designed and conducted by coaches who are educated healthcare interpreters. UOB says the end is to reduce the stress placed on staff and guests. And make their branch experience a more flawless and affable bone.

“ UOB recognises the tremendous internal stress and workload caregivers of persons living with madness shoulder. We respect their selfless offerings, and would like to do our part to support them. Our branch staff will be suitable to more connect and help guests living with madness as well as their caregivers.

“ From serving their banking needs, to furnishing advice on applicable legal and fiscal attestation, and rendering applicable backing and emotional comfort when persons living with madness seek help at our branches, we’re committed to doing right by them, ” said Chew Li Lian, Executive Director of Group Channels and Digitalisation, UOB.

Madness programme aligns with UOB drive to promote social inclusiveness
Jeremy Ong, CEO, NTUC LearningHub, said “ NTUC LearningHub is proud toco-develop this service inclusiveness training programme with UOB.

“ The oneness of this course lies in the class. UOB is piloting the Inclusive client Experience programme for the banking sector. The class and training are largely customisable and applicable for numerous client- facing places and diligence. This programme is well- aligned with our desire to promote social inclusiveness.

“ This is especially so with the government placing further emphasis on furnishing stronger support and coffers for caregivers. I hail UOB for being a client- centric organisation that prioritises excellent client service and is exemplary in upskilling their workers with applicable chops. Riding on this successful airman, we intend to reach out to other organisations to enhance service inclusiveness in Singapore. ”