US bans 14 Iraqi banks in crackdown on Iran bone trade- WSJ

The United States has barred 14 Iraqi banks from conducting bone deals, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citingU.S. officers.

The ban, which was assessed by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is part of a crackdown on the siphoning ofU.S. currency to Iran, the report said.

The United States uncovered information that the Iraqi banks engaged in plutocrat laundering and fraudulent deals, some of which may have involved sanctioned individualities and raised enterprises that Iran could profit, the review said.

” We’ve strong reason to suspect that at least some of these cleaned finances could end up going to profit either designated individualities or individualities who could be designated,” a elderlyU.S. functionary was quoted as saying by the Journal.

” And of course the primary warrants threat in Iraq relates to Iran.”

Among the banks on theU.S. ban list are Al Mustashar Islamic Bank, Erbil Bank, World Islamic Bank, and Zain Iraq Islamic Bank, the review said.

Iraq’s private banks association didn’t incontinently respond to a request for comment.

The Iraqi government, theU.S. Treasury Department and the New York Fed didn’t incontinently respond to requests for comment.

Iran has been unfit to pierce billions of bones in means in several countries due toU.S. warrants.

The United States has claimed that oil painting-rich Iraq, the OPEC group’s alternate- largest patron, moves towards tone- adequacy. Washington has put pressure on Iraq to stem the inflow of bones into bordering Iran.